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General Information

Columbus Craft Beer Fest

Saturday, May 18, 2019

1:00 - 6:00 pm, (2pm General Admission entry) Last call 6:00 pm


Mill Race Park

50 Carl Miske Drive

Columbus, Indiana

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About Columbus
Craft Beerfest

Columbus Craft Beer Fest has partnered with ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewing to coordinate our third festival and continue to support local charities and organizations within our community. Our mission is to create high quality events that organize craft brewers for the purpose of economic development, promoting local businesses, and tourism to support our community and the charities within it.  This mission executes our broader vision of promoting all Columbus has to offer by showcasing the uniqueness and assets of the city to regional and local guests.  

Proceeds Benefit Columbus Nonprofits

Columbus Craft Beerfest Co. was formed by a group of young people who wanted to have a high quality event in Columbus. Our partnership with ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewing and the Brewers of Indiana Guild are working to strengthen our fest and promote the city of Columbus. 

Their focus has been, and will continue to be - to do right by the brewers, attendees, their city, and all involved in making this festival happen. The #1 goal is to throw a high quality event, spread the love of craft beer, and improve the life of residents of Columbus. Any funds that are not spent on festival expenses, are donated back into the community. The 2019 festival will donate to The Columbus Park Foundation - specifically earmarked for Mill Race Park, Just Friends Adult Daycare Services for people that have Alzheimer's and Dementia and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. 


Caroline Letzel - Event & Marketing Director

Nathan McClellan - Festival Logistics Director

David Morse - Brewer Liaison

Ashton Wischmeier - Advertisor Coordinator

Julie Sowash - Treasurer & Volunteer Assistant

Chad Sowash - Marketing & Volunteer Coordinator

Daniel West - Promotions Coordinator

Elaine Wagner - Event Advisor

Jordan Hilber - Event Advisor ​


The Planning Committee

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